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Welcome to Leadership Initiative site! This aims to be your one-stop destination for personal and professional growth via leadership approaches and meaningful initiatives. Thus the Leadership Initiative come into existence.

My objective to educate people to realize their potential and understand what it takes to achieve their goals.

This is the place to help you systemized the process towards your objectives and provide you the skills, process, resources, and approaches to do so.

This is not your “every day” hit-and-run blog. If your aim is to pick-up a random skill or knowledge about a specific subject, you are welcome here!

But if you want to transform the way you have done things and want a new approach towards your personal version of success, you need to devote time, attention and commitment to your goals and focus on what this site has to offer!

This is a site which aims at cultivating a new mindset; the leadership mindset! A mindset which would incorporate in equal terms your personal and professional life, and would integrate them in a balanced life!

The target group of this site is mostly entrepreneurs, small business owners, and freelancer which want more ways of ‘get things done’. This is the reason I provide assets, strategies, and resources to make their work better and focus on work matters most to them!

I try to transform the way small business operates today and suggest more ways on how to become visible, important, meaningful and with a human profile.

To do so you need a different mindset and a different way of using existing tools and competencies. I usually operate in the intersection of technology, education, and economics (or financing) to provide the best solutions to small business owners.

To achieve that I use articles, courses, webinars, group coaching and resources which can help you realize and formalize your true goals while I provide you the mental models and the business strategies for reaching them.

This is exactly the approach I use to develop media, skills, communities, and resources for the people participating in the Leadership Initiative Community. This is a community of peers you can interact freely with and find solutions and approaches for your everyday problems.

Meet Takis

Hell, my name is Takis Athanassiou and I’m an e-Business & e-Learning consultant, strategist, trainer, writer, and technology & social media evangelist! My basic intention is to help you develop yourself and your business!

I develop ideas, approaches, methods, resources, assets, and tools, that will help you to grow and better your personal and professional life!

Why I’m different? Simply because I pay attention and try to find the best solutions for the people listen to me!

I write on issues related to business, e-Learning, leadership, productivity & effectiveness, management and time management, social media, and tools, while, occasionally, I write about various subjects (I think!!!) of interest.

My goal is to create meaningful and readily applicable approaches, ideas, schemes, etc, providing insights, interconnections, and tools that, I believe, can create a positive difference in various areas, and empower the people in their everyday personal and professional life.

I’ve been working for over 23 years in the IT sector, as Project Manager, Team Leader and Director in Greek SMEs, focused mainly in areas of IT services, e-Learning and consulting.

My main focus is Leadership and Strategy while I help people, groups, and companies develop their goals and adjust to the “new brave world” of digital media in order to stay innovative, creative and competitive. In order to do that, I use various enablers (as the entrepreneurship, the technology, the financials, the e-Learning, etc) to empower the people in developing their personal and professional life and the companies to enhance their impact.

Today I’m working in the areas of business consulting, e-Learning and social media, while I write, blog and discuss leadership, business, productivity, personal development, social media and tools that facilitate and support the flawless execution in everyday business and personal life.

My Contact Information

You can contact me either by e-mail or you can reach me via the contact page of this blog. You can also follow me on TwitterLinkedinGoogle+Facebook and Pinterest.

Takis Athanassiou Blog Posts in The Web

Leadership Initiative is the “home base” of my online activities (either business, blogging, networking, etc) and my business operation hub. But this site supported and supports other blogs as well and has some more “outposts“, around the internet, for sharing and propagate the ideas, approaches, and tools, discussed here. Such blogs, central to the concepts discussed here & various outposts are (among others) the:

Affiliations, Disclosures, and Relationships

Takis promotes and sells various 3rd party products and services via affiliate marketing links. These change frequently. Presume that most links here have an affiliate relationship attached, but also understand that if Takis promotes it, he uses and believes in the product or service promoted!

Pursuant to new FTC regulations, Takis has developed this page of disclosures so that it’s clear when he is writing on behalf of someone else.

Occasionally Takis publishes some sponsored articles for products and services he thinks of value!

My Blog Platform

My domain and host provider is the company GoDaddy, and my blog is being developed on the blogging platform WordPress 3.5.1. In my blog, I use a professional responsive theme, the GeneratePress, and I have integrated various third-party services. Most notably Disqus for integrating comments, FeedBurner for RSS  and MailChimp for marketing campaigns and mail subscription. Finally for server tasks and traffic monitoring I use GoDaddy tools,  Google Webmaster Tools, and Google Analytics.


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