Share Your Articles With Amplifr

You have written an excellent article. You have spent a lot of time to optimize it, to find the suitable pictures to draw the necessary diagrams, to optimize it from an SEO point of view and you have published it to your blog!

Do you think you have finished! Think again! Whoever tells you that blogging is not hard work, he/she is doing wrong. Because it is!

What if you have written the best article about a hot topic in your niche market if no one would ever notice it? What if you have put in it much effort and knowledge that would help a lot of people if no one read it?

You need to have your article not just published but share it in various and different social media. Sharing is a much more difficult process than the developing-an-article one. And more time-consuming.

To manage it effectively you need a plan (an editorial one preferably), basic knowledge, basic metrics and goals, the necessary social media accounts and of course time.

Time is the one prevailing resource you need to cope effectively with the modern social media requirement. As, as we both, know, time is never enough!

To avoid a situation as this, you need either plenty time to do it yourself, or a team of dedicated associates, (of friends) or the contribution of a specialized tool can help you do all the related tasks in less time, more efficiently and getting the results you want.

Tools like Amplifr. Amplifr is:

“is a powerful social media scheduling and analytics service for companies, digital agencies and media projects.”

Amplifr is a recent addition to my toolbox and a one I estimated to save me more than 5 hours a week in sharing my posts.

Amplifr Settings

Picture this, as a blogger and chief editor of two different sites I write between 2-4 brand new posts every week. For each post I need to write:

  • At least 2-3 variations of a mini Facebook post (each one unique)
  • At least 2-4 LinkedIn Post (yes unique again)
  • At least 2-3 different posts for Google+
  • 3-7 different tweets
  • Different images for all the above, and
  • 1-2 images for Instagram or/and Pinterest

to say the least! And this is the ordinary process, beyond my other side projects, my courses, my books, etc.

As you can see, I needed a tool can help me to exploit more effectively my social media and bring more results at the same time.

Amplifr - Posts

Amplifr has helped me to normalize my sharing queue and delegate many of the tasks I’ve done myself to my trusted assistant.

With Amplifr you can:

  • Schedule your posts and the tool will publish them on the designated time on all your accounts (choosing the optimal times for publishing your content).
  • Check on how you post have succeeded overall (analytics) with daily statistics and reports and with tracking all your activities (newsletter clicks, sales, etc.) and
  • Collaborate effectively with partners and associates.

What more you could ask from a social media platform.

You can schedule the publication of your post at our leisure and Amplifr going to find the optimal times for their publication.

If Amplifr is a tool fits your toolbox, get this deal as soon as possible because it is a limited time offer.