Why Do Employees Loathe Tracking Their Time?

Today’s post is written by David Brown. David has been helping companies large and small since 1999 with everything from networking issues to data center planning. He loves the space and writes about new and existing tech often.

Employers, Department Managers, HR, and Payroll Department Managers all struggle with the age-old challenge of getting employees to turn in their time sheets by established deadlines. It’s a pervasive issue across business and industry, and there’s no apparent reason to assume the situation will ever improve. Why? That’s an easy one. It’s because employees HATE keeping track of their time.

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10 Astute Ways You Can Survive The First Year Of Your Startup Business!

Startup Business
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The first few years of the startup business is the riskiest time for entrepreneurs. From a recent statistic, it is proved that one-third of new businesses close in a couple of years.

This is why many new business operators are full of the excitement while setting the foundations in the first year. But in the second year, they lose their homes due to lack of sales and growth.

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