The Coaching Habit

The Coaching Habit

am a consultant and coach. I try to live up to my fullest capabilities and I strive to provide the same, or even best capabilities/opportunities, to the people I associate with! I try (and strive) to channel their resources to the services of their dreams, by providing the systems, the processes, and the means to achieve their goals.

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How to Be Effective Without Being Busy

How to Be Effective Without Being Busy

I was talking with a friend of mine, recently, to decide the best course of action for his business. He has a small company providing web design services and only recently has started working on his own!

One of the biggest problems you are facing when you start a new business in the area of the new digital economy is how to define your business with clarity.

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What FotoJet Can Do For You?


FotoJet (not an affiliate link) has reached its 4.0 version.  FotoJet is a free online collage maker, a photo editor, and a graphic designer toolbox, all in one! Even though FotoJet shares many features with similar applications like the Canva is (especially in collage area), it has some unique characteristics.

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Rethinking Success | Jason Womack | TEDxSamfordU

Rethinking Success

An excellent presentation about success in TED by an excellent and influential speaker: Jason Womack.

Jason is an international speaker, executive coach, blogger and author of 3 widely read books: “The Promise Doctrine (a guidebook and system for consistently delivering on your promises!) (Volume 1) “, “Your Best Just Got Better: Work Smarter, Think Bigger, Make More” and the recent “Get Momentum: How to Start When You’re Stuck“.

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Vote Please: Do you Want to Make a Living by Writing?

Do you Want to Make a Living by Writing?

Today’s digital economy is a complex one! It needs, skills, capabilities, and knowledge to make a success. And that it is not always easy! You need to establish and employ clear goals, good habits, strategies, procedures and tools to get the “ticket” just to compete with the “big boys”.

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