Blogging Tips for Entrepreneurs: What You Need to Do for Better Engagement

Today’s guest post is by Lalit Sharma. Lalit is an SEO consultant who runs an SEO house called Ranking By SEO. He is specialized in link building and other SEO related activities. You can also find him on Twitter, Google+ and his personal blog.

The right blog can build your online reputation, make your website an authority site, and give your business that online promotional boost for which marketers try SEO and marketing strategies day and night. Therefore, to play it right, you must know the right rules of blogging.

Here are some smart blogging tactics that will make any entrepreneur an expert! With these tips in hand, you can create the best blog post for earning traffic, reputation and exposure.

Set The Right Expectations And Frequency For Blog Postings

Your audience must know when to expect the next blog post from you, and you have to set the right expectations. Infrequent postings may cause more harm than good.

On the other hand, posting multiple blogs every day can also be bad as it might overwhelm the visitors with too much information, and they may not know which one to read first. That is why knowing when to post your blogs and how much time to spare between postings is crucial.

Plan It Right By Outlining The Points While Drafting

Blog posts are constructed well when you plan them right through guided points, subheads or outlines.

The strategy is actually simple. Instead of stretching a point, it’s best to break the matter of fact into logical portions. This makes it easy to convey the message, explain it to the point and impress your readers with the right engaging and informative content.

There is simply no point in roaming about the same point with fillers and repetitive information.

Find Post Topics In Questions

If you are a regular blogger, you are bound to hit the dry phase when you don’t know what to write about.

You may lack interesting ideas and may find yourself drawing a blank. The way out is to find topics in visitor questions.

Go through the comments visitors have left you, and see what questions they have. You can count them as future post topics, and you can also respond to the queries by offering the link to the blog post. It’s seen that questions have been the biggest source of blog post ideas for most regular bloggers.

Try The Pomodoro Technique

This technique is all about working in short time frames while allowing you to take short intervals in between the working hours.

You may choose to work half an hour to one hour and then rest a little, and then work again, and rest again. This way you can break the chain of monotony and increase daily productivity.

Try To Propel Your Content With Originality

People are tired of sales pitches and “how to” blogs, and “top 10s”. They need fresh content. Hence, you need to create really good content that is unique and original.

If you keep posting the same stuff that every other blogger is posting, visitors will slowly lose interest in your blog.

Your Headlines Will Do The Trick

Blogs with interesting headlines get the most visits. Your visitors will read through a post and decide if it is interesting and engaging, and then they will decide whether or not to spend more time on it. And to make them come to the post, you will have to make them click on the headline that contains the post link.

Therefore, the headline or post title has to be great. It must elicit a curiosity or emotion from the visitors.

Know Your Readers

A great way to superb blogging is to get accustomed with your readers. The more you know who your readers are, what their background is, and their search interests, queries, problems, grievances etc, the better you will be able to address their common issues, serious problems, weak points etc.

Knowing the interests of your readers is the best way to connect to them and keep them glued to your posts.

Your Business And Product Is Not The First Priority For Your Readers

If you get mean and only talk about you and your product, you will not get the best response from visitors over time.

Occasional visitors turn into regular readers only when they find that you have diverse things to talk about and valuable information to offer. Therefore, while marketing your product will be your prime focus behind blogging, you will still have to share interesting content to entice readers.

Concentrate On A Grand Opening

The opening lines decide the fate of most blog posts. Starting with a drab and dull introduction will make your readers yawn and leave the site in a matter of a few seconds!

On the other hand, if you are able to grab their attention right from the first sentence, be sure that they will read through the entire content. Your readers must be assured that reading the post will be helping them in some way, or else they need not take an interest.

Don’t Confuse Your Readers By Mixing Niche

Mixed blogging may not be a great idea if you are targeting a particular niche of readers.

You should better stick to one niche to get dedicated readers. Else readers would get confused over time if they see you posting on one niche once and then on a topic of totally different niche next.

Readers Love Credible Information And Authentic Bloggers

If your information is credible, you make it more acceptable by blogging as the authentic blogger. Using your real name adds credibility to the facts you share.

People do not like fictitious identities when they are reading about facts and figures. Fictitious identities look good in stories and novels, but in real life blogging, it holds little appeal.

Therefore, to blog better, tell real stories, and talk about your personal experiences. These are things which people love reading.


The approach of connecting to your readers is the best way to sell yourself. If you try to deliberately sell, you will just be adding one more blog to the web that tries active marketing. But if you want real visitors who value your posts, try connecting with them for best results.