The Coaching Habit

The Coaching Habit

am a consultant and coach. I try to live up to my fullest capabilities and I strive to provide the same, or even best capabilities/opportunities, to the people I associate with! I try (and strive) to channel their resources to the services of their dreams, by providing the systems, the processes, and the means to achieve their goals.

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eBook: Free Our Media!

Free Our Media!My good friend Stefanos Papachristopoulos (you can follow him on twitter) and his team in Publishopia published some day ago the electronic version of the collective Comic Book “Free our Media” by European Youth Press!

It is an excellent comic book on media freedom in Europe.

Stefanos is a new entrepreneur and ePublisher in Europe and has done an excellent work with his company Publishopia, selecting and publishing quality documents in electronic format for the Apple platform!

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