Bootstrap Again

What do you do when you want to start up again? What do you do when you want to begin something new? What do you do when a simple “hello world” is not anymore enough for your site!

This is the first article of the first configuration of a new site/blog! This is it! I wanted it to be simple, and comprehensible to as many people as possible! Nothing fancy, nothing glittering! Just simple words for something new!

A new endeavor is always something to be mentioned about it!

Let’s see! I’m developing a new site as a, commercial forefront of a personal interest(s). To mask my curiosity about doing the things better and the world around me a better place for me, my family, my friends, my people, my community,… And for that I build a new blog! The Leadership Initiative @Business Blog!

How to do something like that! Simple, I guess, by following what you know best, by serving better your audience, and by be true to your values and principle. In a few words, by providing more value to more people!

How can I do it that! I’am a more than 23 years consultant, aiming at making business more humane and humans more entrepreneurs (for their own merit and for the benefit of their world around them).

I’m the hero of my self (or at least I try to be, and train everyday myself of be one, exceed my limitations, growth my skills, abilities, capabilities, empathy, etc. Directed to doing so regularly with consistency, using system and by design)!

I never had luck or favor for linear processes. My mind always was curious about the many things around me and always generated more questions than answers (about almost everything!).

With this blog, I’m aiming at helping people to be better for themselves and for the others. I’m willingly share what I know and try to furnish the people the right tools to become the heroes of themselves. Difficult task you would say.

Difficult! Not really! I just have to say something; other people should only to listen. And, if they agreed on it, to practice it; and above all, to do it (if find it useful for their lives) and disseminate it to other people. Easy for me. Easy for other people.

How it can be failed!

I want to build heroes. Just that. A small hero in each of everyone of us. A step by step approach. Until we all together can make a difference for yourself. I.e. to do things that have meaning for ourselves. And then for the other people. And this to build a culture of alike minded people trying to make a difference. That’s all. Simple, isn’t?

It is the time to claim what’s ours! It takes time and it takes effort. The time is NOW and we should be starting to move towards our direction! Don’t you think?