A Course Creation Toolkit For Success

Developing an online course is not always an easy task. You need expert knowledge, excellent organization competencies, design, and authoring skills and expertise to develop a course would bring value to your clients!

For projects and activities involve knowledge transfer and skills development there is not an easy way! There are systems, methods, procedures, and approaches to adopt during the development of your materials but, at the end of the day, their value depends on the achievement of the main goal of any educational process: to change a certain behavior.

Online learning is important today, in a knowledge economy with many people doing knowledge work. And there are various models in our digital economy have proven their value over time! What you do online is a combination of your skills and competencies, of the market’s requirements and of the value you actually bring on the table.

I am working for more than 23 years in the area of e-learning and the competition is fierce. But at the end of the day every e-learning process related to you!

You are the final recipient of all this effort and your success or failure is related closely to the value you have taken by learning activities as the courses you have taken!

A good course creation process depends heavily on the talents you have enlisted to your developing team and on the tools you use.

Tools are an important asset for every entrepreneur and the course creation toolkit you employ defines in a great degree the quality of the learning experience you want to provide to your audience.

There are many tools you can use for your course creation process but over time, I have select some I have found of value to me and my work.

Find below my current course creation toolkit:

Happy course creation!