e-Learning is About You!

e-Learning is a complex discipline, includes many things: instructional design, course development, learning, pedagogy, adult learning, technology, platforms, etc. It is not something to take too lightly because the progress of many people and the careers of many more people, may depend on it. It needs knowledge and skills to master, and results to be delivered!

Not a Passive Voice

Enough, though, with the passive voice! e-Learning IS a discipline, aiming at delivering results in a usually (short) time!

And it is about you! Why? Because you (in the place of an instructional designer or a course development expert, or a person wants to transfer knowledge and skills to other people in a structured and legitimate manner) have to offer your knowledge and skills to the service of other people. And YOU have to offer all the necessary venues and skills to make someone to learn!

Why You!

The role of an e-learning expert is not an easy role! It is a role including coaching, mediating and facilitating of other people to reach their (training) goals.  As a course developer, you should be involved in a process of constant training.

First training of yourself, on the new trends and currents of your practice, and, second, training of other people as the person who is transferring the necessary knowledge and skills to those needed!

You are the owner of the procedure reads: “How to develop a more easy path for someone to learn X“? This is the question, but the answer is not always easy!

You should find a “proper” way to transfer your knowledge to the recipients, in a way, THEY, could relate to what’s been offered!

How to

You could do that with easy steps (baby steps if you like):

  1. Recognize the problem (if there is one!)
  2. Analyze the present situation (what exists now!)
  3. Identify what’s wrong (according to a normal trend, the organization, the existing culture, the company, the preservative norms)
  4. Define where you want to lead the agents (people, groups, companies, etc.) that do not conform to the defined standard (how able you want to make them, depended on the regular, organizational, norm, culture, etc.)
  5. Identify the gap (how much space the target group should be crossed to reach the desired goals)
  6. Find ways to bridge the observed gap (use courses, e-Learning procedures, coaching, mentoring, and everything might be available! ADDIE model may be of use!)
    1. Design the necessary training resources
    2. Develop the resources and the ways you have design
    3. Implement what you have designed
    4. Evaluate the results
  7. Employ the procedures you have selected for that particular group, organization, agency, etc!
  8. Measure the results! If you do not succeed, Repeat the procedure!

At the end of the day, should you have a valid course or a raw material for a better course! Either way, it is something you should act upon it and disseminate it!

You might end up, developing a new business like that! Or not! Write your thoughts on the comment section!

Question: What do you think e-Learning can do for you? How would you use it in your company’s framework? You can leave a comment at the comments section.