e-Learning is About You!

eLearning is About You

e-Learning is a complex discipline, includes many things: instructional design, course development, learning, pedagogy, adult learning, technology, platforms, etc. It is not something to take too lightly because the progress of many people and the careers of many more people, may depend on it. It needs knowledge and skills to master, and results to be delivered!

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A Better Business Strategy

A Better Business Strategy

When I was a child, we played for the pure fun of the game. As everyone did. You had played card games, chess, soccer, football or basketball just for the joy of participating in a group competing one against each other. You rarely had interest in the results, just in the game and how to play it better (for you or for your team)!

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10 Astute Ways You Can Survive The First Year Of Your Startup Business!

Startup Business
The writer of this post is the Anna Marsh. Her insightful views and opinion pieces on entrepreneurship, business management and marketing are read by thousands of readers. In addition, she is also the head of an academic counseling firm as well as runs a Dissertation Crown blog. Cycling and rock climbing are two of his favorite hobbies. You can reach her via Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

The first few years of the startup business is the riskiest time for entrepreneurs. From a recent statistic, it is proved that one-third of new businesses close in a couple of years.

This is why many new business operators are full of the excitement while setting the foundations in the first year. But in the second year, they lose their homes due to lack of sales and growth.

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Do You Want A Career In eSports Industry? [Infographic]

Do you want a career in eSports industry?

The world is changing! Along with the advance of the technology many traditional activities have also changing with the time and under the influence of technology. Like the area of sports. Today a new form of electronic sports activity has emerged and picked up a huge momentum.

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6 Essential Marketing Strategies For Any E-Commerce Business

6 Essential Marketing Strategies for any e-commerce Business
Today’s article is written by Steve Martin. Steve is an educationist who makes people get involved into the world of e-learning through his writings. Currently, he is working as a freelance writer who takes projects according to his interests, which include Sports, Education, Fashion, etc. His educational background counts major Most of the time, he acquaints people about the advantages of gaining online life experience degree as it is one of his favorite degree programs. When he is not busy, you can mostly find him spending quality time with friends in a bar or jogging along the seashore.

No matter what status you have achieved in your eCommerce business, it is always very important to stay updated with the modern marketing trends and techniques. Because structuring and then launching an ecommerce website is a kind of milestone achievement for your brand, it is very crucial to plan effectively to make an investment in your website structure and marketing strategy.

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