5 Steps Anyone Can Take to Become an Entrepreneur

Become an entrepreneur
The Anonymous Leader. This is a guest post by Ralph Mayhew, author of the excellent book on leadership: The Anonymous Leader: An Unambitious Pursuit of Influence. Ralph is an excellent person, a better person when you are communicating with, and even more excellent writer! Please check his view on how to become an entrepreneur and tell us what you think! You can contact him here!

For too long the title of entrepreneur has been an elusive term, reserved for the business elite, untouchables who shape what our future will be from Netflix to Uber to Apple. At least, that’s what I thought for too long. I have since realized that every person has the capacity to be an entrepreneur if they follow five basic steps.

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Top Business Tools for Entrepreneurs

Business Tools

Modern business and start-ups need a flexible working scheme and appropriate business tools to make it happen. Application and tools are basic components of the new working ecosystem along to various software agents and bots can automate many common business procedures!

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Write for Your Audience

Write for Your Audience

When I write a blog post or article I try to concentrate on my subject, to figure out what my audience might want to read and research all the necessary parameters concerning my subject and the objectives I want to focus on. But writing for a blog, on purpose, is quite different in style and in context, from writing in general. More so when you have to deal with business writing! In business writing, you write to reach some specific objectives and your audience and how to serve them best must comes first!

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Sales is a Matter of Trust

Sales is a Matter of Trust


Trade economy is one the foremost and oldest form of exchanging goods among people. When I was a young boy, long before sports and girls had started to occupy our free time, I was in the habit of collecting and exchanging cards. There were cards with sport or movie stars captured during their “heroic” moments. We collect the cards from gum packages and we trade them in order to manage to have a full collection. I remember, that with a full collection you would get a wonderful album to keep the cards you have collected in and various other small gifts. The price was not such great, but the process of locating, trade them and negotiate for the cards we haven’t in our “repository” was exhilarating!

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