Vote Please: Do you Want to Make a Living by Writing?

Today’s digital economy is a complex one! It needs, skills, capabilities, and knowledge to make a success. And that it is not always easy! You need to establish and employ clear goals, good habits, strategies, procedures and tools to get the “ticket” just to compete with the “big boys”.

One major leverage for succeeding in this new economy is writing. Writing, and especially writing well, is one of those skills can make a difference in life as in business!

In order to do that with success, you need commitment and training to help you communicate more effectively your messages and your ideas.  And you need data, to see what’s your audience, truly believe about writing!

For this reason, I set up this small survey, to find out what you believe about the subject!

Please take this small survey (it won’t take you more than 1 minute, literary) and help me understand more your what role writing plays in your life and business.

Just check the following survey.

Thank you very much, in advance!

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