Poplink: Discover The Power Of Sharing Links Of Value

Every day you working online trying to find approaches and ways to help you do your job better. So am I. During a day, I have blocked some time just for researching online things that can make a difference. And one of my new best tool for that is Poplink.

The shared power of sharing knowledge and interesting topics around the globe make the Internet an excellent medium for promoting ideas and concepts, communicating new schemes and help to shape new trends.

The power of the online interaction is huge and as marketers, we need to find out ways to develop trusts and communicate the best approaches and tools to the people interested in listening.

Is not easy. Sometimes content marketing is not enough! You need more ways to attract traffic towards your work.

Sharing interesting links can help you to gain trust and attract mass traffic towards the things you do.

What Sharing Can Do Today

One of the main ingredients of what we do as content marketers and educators is to find tools can help you deliver your messages more easily and approaches on how to do that.

As a matter of fact you, ideally, need to increase conversion with every action you do. Including the links you share.

The power of sharing links is recognized as paramount from the marketers around. That’s why there are so many tools can help you monitor the effects of your traffic and of the links you share (Google Analytics and Bit.ly are main representatives of such tools), and measure the effectiveness of your content (like Buzzsumo or NinjaOutreach).

Of course, there are more specialized tools for content sharing and traffic generation (like Snip.ly) but you always need something more.

A marketer needs tools can help his/her workflow and make his work easily. One such tool is Poplink.

What Can Poplink Do For Me?

In simple terms, Poplink is a specialized lead generation tool for bloggers, entrepreneurs & brands.

Its purpose is to attract more visitors to your pages with highly customizable, mobile and desktop-optimized conversion forms.

Poplink can add call-to-actions pop-ups on the links you share, so you can attract people back to your work (site, product, e-shop, etc.) for more conversions.

What can you do with Poplink? You can use Poplink to:

  • Grow traffic and send your visitors to any location you want.
  • Build and grow your subscriber¬†list.
  • Add banners and icons on top of the links you share.
  • Use your RSS feeds to enhance your social shares

and much more.

Poplink works in a very simple manner:

  1. You find something worthy to share with your audience and copy its link.
  2. Add the link to Poplink and add it to one of your campaigns
  3. Share it with your networks.

Simple, isn’t it?

In this way, you can leverage the content of other people and succeed in your goals at the same time.