11 Chrome Extensions to Boost Your Productivity [Infographic]

Technology can be a powerful tool to assist you to become a more productive person. It can also be a lot of waste of time if you do not have clear plans on what you want to do and how.

For people have clear goals though, technology provides many tools to help you focus on what is important in your life and business!

Most people today live, literally, in their inbox or/and to their web browser neglecting the things can promote them towards their goals and waste a lot of their precious time on idle wonderings and on an excessive use of social networks.

The most popular browser today is Google Chrome and it is a versatile tool can be used in many situations. Chrome has many advantages:

  • It is free,
  • It is user-friendly.
  • It is intuitive,
  • It is fast,

and has many more features make it so popular (instant search, less typing, etc.)

Its flexibility and its programming model are enhanced by its extensions which can transform it into an indispensable tool for everyone wants to do his or her work effectively.

The infographic bellow presents 11 Chrome productivity extensions can help you become more productive.

Now it is your turn! Act today and use some of these extensions to make your life and work more effective. And, when you do, send as a comment if these productive extensions were helpful or not?