Social Media Trends Modern Entrepreneurs Should Observe Closely!

Modern social media trends influence in a great degree the modern business. Social media marketing has been known as one of the best marketing strategies for quite a while now. This is one of the main reasons why it is very important that you, as an online entrepreneur, utilize it to your full advantage.

If you use the right social media marketing strategies and tools, you’ll be able to attract the existing members of your niche or followers in a specific social media platform that you’ve selected. This also gives you better chances of increasing your sales potential.

Why Social Media Marketing Matters to Your Business?

Sales though is not the only reason for getting into social media. If you are not yet into social media marketing, you better start as soon as you can because the longer you wait for the more opportunities you are missing.

Here are some reasons why you should use social media as soon as possible!

Increased Recognition For Your Brand

The internet is so vast that you have to grab all the opportunity that you can to improve your brand recognition. Since social media networks are widely used these days all over the globe, using it to your advantage is a must. It can serve as a voice for your brand which can help you build your reputation and visibility.

Through social media, you can attract potential customers and it will be a lot easier for them to get in touch with you through this medium. Also, using social media platforms allows you to become more recognizable not only to your existing customers but to their personal contacts too if they share or repost your content.

Better Opportunities

Social media marketing also provides you with better opportunities in terms of converting potential customers to buying clients.

Social media allows you to connect with an infinite web of relationships through your followers, existing contacts and target audience. By posting a video, a link to a blog, a campaign or perhaps a simple photo related to your business or any topic relevant to your company, you will be able to spark a reaction.

Each of these reactions obtained from a single post is a chance for a possible conversion.

Increased Traffic and Conversion Rates

If you use social media marketing the right way, you can tremendously increase your website traffic and even your conversion rates.

All this is made possible by social media because it promotes interaction between 2 individuals or a group. This makes marketing more efficient because of the addition of interaction between multiple human beings.

Inbound traffic to your site is greatly increased as well since you will no longer be limited to potential customers belonging to your personal contacts and existing customers.

Strategies for Successful Social Marketing

There are many business models and strategies can help you succeed with your social media goals. But it is important to start as soon as possible!

Below you can find some of the best strategies around to help you maximize your impact!

Have A Goal

Every business venture needs to have a goal. You have to ask yourself, why do you want to use social media as your marketing tool? What do you want to achieve? Do you wish to have better recognition? Do you want to improve your branding? Don’t start if you still haven’t found the answer to these questions.

Choose The Right Platform

Being on all social media platforms is not always beneficial. You need to choose the one that is suitable for your type of business. Some do great with Facebook while other companies have flourished on Pinterest. Know which platform is right for you and focus on it instead of wasting your efforts on using a larger amount of platforms but ending up with less impressive results.

Motivate Yourself

Stop making excuses. If you have a business and you want to keep up with the times and thrive in your chosen industry, you need to be motivated. Backing out in the middle of your venture will mean that all of your efforts, time and cash will go to waste.

Be Effective

Being busy does not mean that you are also effective. Make sure that you are busy employing a technique that will help you reach a goal. Make sure that every post you make has a strategy behind it and a goal.

Understand Your Audience

Your marketing efforts will go to waste if you do not have a full understanding of what your audience wants. You should know what they need, the common problems that they have and the solutions that they are in search of.


Even if you decide to use multiple social media platforms it is likely that you will have one platform that is more adept to your needs than others. It’s important that you prioritize your efforts in order to be as efficient as possible.

Be Unique

There are a lot of companies using social media as part of their marketing tool. You can expect for your rivals to be engaged in this kind of marketing effort too. So, make sure that your posts, content, and campaigns are unique, compelling and attention-grabbing.


You need to engage with your audience. Even if you keep on posting, you will not increase your followers or expand your reach if you do not interact with your audience. Consumers these days prefer a company that has a voice rather than faceless corporations who do not listen to what they have to say.

Social Media Trends Impact Modern Business

We cannot deny the fact that social media is rapidly evolving. It has changed tremendously from way back when it first started. If you wish to keep up with the changing times, as an entrepreneur, you also need to make sure that your social media marketing strategies are not at a standstill.

Social Media Trends

Because if they are, you can never expect your techniques to be as effective as they could be. You will have to reassess your social media strategies, tactics, and campaigns with every change in order to stay ahead of your competitors.

The question now is how can you develop better strategies that can keep up with the ever-changing social media trends? Here are some tips to help you out:

1. Use Different Platforms

There are several social media networks. You need to use all the available ones to your advantage.

Confining yourself to only one platform, Facebook, for example, is not a very good idea. You can target and reach out to a wider audience if you use other networking sites such as Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Also, you need to realize that a single network, may eventually decide to modify their policies in a way that may greatly affect your online business.

You do not want to end up having only 2% of your target market see your social media posts, so you better learn how to diversify your social media tactics.

2. 3 in 1 Power Play

Unlike before, online marketing strategies do not work independently.

There are specific methods that you have to use when optimizing your content or website. Content management also requires different techniques and social media has its own set of methods too.

Now, you can use SEO and content management as part of your social media marketing strategy.

Doing so will help you build your brand, increase your online visibility and even improve your sales. It’s important that you combine your different marketing methods, eg; When you promote a blog post through email, also include a link to your social media pages.

This allows for follow-ups and a greater network.

3. Go Visual

Nobody wants to read a full block of text showing up on their newsfeeds which is why most social media posts almost always contain images. Because of the visual inclination of most consumers, Pinterest and even video content have been proven to be very effective methods of advertising and marketing.

Find the right visual platform for your business and niche then make sure that you incorporate some images when promoting your brand, product or services on social media networking sites.


As it makes apparent it is important today as an entrepreneur and business owner or freelancer to have a social media presence in order to succeed. And to maximize your impact you need to use different channels, to use creative content marketing and SEO and more importantly to use visual elements to enhance your message.

The how and when you use these strategies it depends on your brand and what kind of messages do you want to propagate.