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Takis FaceHi, I’m Takis Athanassiou, and I’m a business consultant! This is a place for people with the leadership mindset who need to run a business and a life!

It focuses on leadership, productivity, effectiveness and on the impact of new media in what you do!

It is also a place for sharing my strategies ideas, approaches, and tools, that can help you achieve your goals!

This blog is centered on the concept of “Leadership Initiative”, a much scarce commodity today.

I believe that Leadership, today, can be used both as a framework of thought and as a tool for bringing desired and intended changes to a personal and professional level.

These changes, made on a personal level, can propagate results and outputs in the areas of personal development, relationships, business, communities, politics, etc.

That’s why, I believe that a broad initiative must be taken, in order for YOU to regain the insights that can lead us, to formulate a better social, political, business and personal environment.

My goal is to create meaningful and readily applicable approaches, schemes, etc, providing insights, interconnections, and tools that, I believe, can create a positive difference in various areas, and empower the people in their everyday personal and professional life.

So if you want:

  • To develop yourself & your business,
  • To plan effectively your personal and professional path
  • To do more things better
  • To lead effectively your way in life, or simply
  • To achieve your objectives,

you are in the right place!

Welcome to Leadership Initiative!