10 Astute Ways You Can Survive The First Year Of Your Startup Business!

Startup Business
The writer of this post is the Anna Marsh. Her insightful views and opinion pieces on entrepreneurship, business management and marketing are read by thousands of readers. In addition, she is also the head of an academic counseling firm as well as runs a Dissertation Crown blog. Cycling and rock climbing are two of his favorite hobbies. You can reach her via Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

The first few years of the startup business is the riskiest time for entrepreneurs. From a recent statistic, it is proved that one-third of new businesses close in a couple of years.

This is why many new business operators are full of the excitement while setting the foundations in the first year. But in the second year, they lose their homes due to lack of sales and growth.

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Entrepreneurship is Not Business

Entrepreneurship is Not Business
The post first appeared on takisathanassiou.com. Here it is reprinted with minor adaptations!

What makes a good entrepreneur?” was the topic of the discussion! “Who is an entrepreneur“, it was my answer! I was in my mastermind group trying to invigorate the spirit of some of my associates.

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Top Business Tools for Entrepreneurs, Freelancers and Small Business!

Business Tools


Modern business and start-ups need a flexible working scheme and appropriate business tools to make it happen. Application and tools are basic components of the new working ecosystem along to various software agents and bots can automate many common business procedures!

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Write for Your Audience

Write for Your Audience

When I write a blog post or article I try to concentrate on my subject, to figure out what my audience might want to read and research all the necessary parameters concerning my subject and the objectives I want to focus on. But writing for a blog, on purpose, is quite different in style and in context, from writing in general. More so when you have to deal with business writing! In business writing you write to reach some specific objectives and your audience and the how to serve them best must comes first!

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Underlying Disciplines for a Startup

Underlying Disciplines for a StartupTo startup, a new idea, approach at a business level is not always easy. Ideas are not the only resource you need and, resources are, indeed, scarce! To be the person can verify and develop an idea to business it needs a lot of work. It needs a lot work with yourself and your, wannabe, business, a solid strategy and several more skills, competencies and disciplines you need to employ to have a winning chance!

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