Develop a Target Market!


via Wiselike:

What tips can you give a startup e-businessman in terms of creating a target market?

What advise can you give e-businessmen on how to tap global clients?

My answer on how to develop a target market and tap global clients:

There are just a handful of tips you can use for a successful startup business and these can summarize as:

  • Work, work, work
  • Test all the time and tweaking your approaches, systems, tools
  • There are no shortcuts
  • Business is no poker is chess. You have to cover all your moves (even when you playing poker)
  • You should expect to have a long period without a significant move before the things are starting to go better (well)
  • Expect to assume all the roles in the company
  • Safeguard always your personal/business balance (keep an alarm to remind you that the working day has gone and now you should start your personal time. After all, you have to recharge your batteries)

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Question: What do you think? What other tips can you give to a new startup e-businessman? Please, share your views with us by providing some feedback in the comments section!