[Free e-Book] – #The.Business.Toolkit [ver.1.0]


#The.Business.Toolkit CoverThis book is a directory of useful links and applications you can utilize for doing your work better!

It is structured as a simple BAR (Books, Applications, Resources) approach to help you identify the resources and the applications which are able to help you achieve your goals!

It is constructed based on the principles of simplicity, accessibility, and user friendliness. It is a directory of resources and tools can make a difference in your life and business and focus your attention on the things you need more to do (for) your business & life!

Today there are a large number of applications, resources, etc. can clutter your judgments and direct you to the “love of technology” per se, instead of the usage of what you need to do, according to your goals!

You know the feeling! You have been there (as I do!). Most of the times I try to find a comprehensive and useful guide to the things that would help me to do certain things.

It was difficult to find one to help me or the excellent resources available on the Internet weren’t right for me and my requirements.

So I decide to develop one to fit me needs, filtering my experience and the things I was using, ruling out anything I think it was not pertinent to my work.

And somewhere at that point, #The.Business.Toolkit started to acquire a form and a shape. It is a work in progress, of course, and there will be many cascading versions as the needs growing!

I hope the result would be useful!

How to get it?

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