What FotoJet Can Do For You?

FotoJet (not an affiliate link) has reached its 4.0 version.  FotoJet is a free online collage maker, a photo editor, and a graphic designer toolbox, all in one! Even though FotoJet shares many features with similar applications like the Canva is (especially in collage area), it has some unique characteristics.

I have presented many features of FotoJet, elsewhere, but you cannot deny the fact of an application reached to a maturity level with its version 4.0!

Check a general overview of FotoJet, here:

Let’s see the main points that will make you adopt FotoJet:

  • A FotoJet editor having new features as:
    • Rotate, crop and resize your photos for any specific use
    • Fix the colors and lights by applying photo effects such as vintage effects, black and white effects, lomo effects and so on
    • Convey your feelings by adding text and clipart images to your photos.
  • A powerful graphic designer with many features, as:
    • Photo design,
    • Advertising design,
    • Marketing design,
  • A collage maker providing:
    • Powerful collage editing tools
    • 600+ stunning collage templates, such as birthday collages, anniversary collages, love collages and so on

Did I mention that FotoJet is free? Take a look at it and tell me your opinion!

What do you say?