What’s Your Score?

What’s Your Score?

When I was young I was very competitive, trying to do everything on my own. It was a bad habit because the result was to get tired all the time and my energy had gone next to nothing. After a while and trying to keep up, my energy levels drop next to nothing, with the result to neglect many other areas of my life.

Sure, my job was an important part of my life, but it wasn’t the only one. I was a son, a husband, a friend, a hobbyist, a writer, a painter, a developer, an athletics geek, and much more besides being just a colleague, an associate, a partner, or a co-worker of someone.

There were so many areas of my life that I had neglected that I would never have the time to catch up! It was a bad situation and my excuses were lame enough , even to my ears!

I had to do something and make the things straight! And my method was to measure what do and try to find an equilibrium among the things make a difference to me.

Have you heard the old business adage: “What you don’t measure, you can’t improve.” Well, I heard it too, and it became one of my basic tools (with my intention to take total responsibility for my actions and their results) to change what’s no longer work for me.

So I start to measure whatever I’d like to change and to monitor my progress towards my goals. And this approach makes me feel in control of my life and work while provides me self-confidence, and an attitude to pursue my plans with more vigor and energy.

The same feeling you experience when you feel that you make progress in your life and you move to the right direction for you.

These are the exact same feelings I get by used the FREE LifeScore™ Assessment, developed by Michael Hyatt. Feelings of moving in the right direction, to get more control in your life and be the owner of your life.

The Free LifeScore™ Assessment Tool is a way to measure your progress in life’s most important areas and take the necessary actions to re-align them to your goals and your life’s vision!

I just finished taking my LifeScore™ Assessment, and I find many interesting things about myself.

First of all, I get a very high score that makes feel, … OKAY (more than okay, actually)!

Second, it provides me the clarity to check the areas of my life it needs more attention to!

And third, it provides you the incentives and the motivation to do more in your life and make a difference.

So, do you keep, scores? If not, perhaps you should think you should start doing it!

Take the free test now and find out what your score!

http://takisathanassiou.com/lifescore ← CLICK HERE NOW

It only takes 12 minutes and it is completely free! It is simple, intuitive and makes you realize that there are a lot more in your life than just the ones you usually focused on.

But, it is only available for just a few days. Take it now you still can:

http://takisathanassiou.com/lifescore ← GET IT HERE

As an over-achiever to another, and as persons want to chase after their goals and dreams, this tool can shed light on many areas of your life and help you improve them overall!

And when you do the test, you could always send me your score. I’d be honored to let me know how you did!


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