9 Reasons To Lose Your Clients

A well-tuned company or organization is one that all the required functions performed without a friction! But usually is not so! There are many things that can cause a major harm in the image of your company. Especially when you are developing a startup company!

There are also things, your clients never going to forgive you for! Especially today in the new business environment, we all operate in!

Here are some of these problems you should promptly correct to run a successful company!

  1. Bad customer services. The poor responsiveness and the amateur confrontation or even ignorance of clients can cost you a lot!
  2. Lack of knowledge about your clients. Do you know your clients? You should know where is the market segment your company address to and with what solutions. It is different to select clients and different not to know to whom your products or solutions provide solutions!  It’s important to know the preference of your clients and their quirks in order to provide them with services and products of value!
  3. The absence of personalized communication. Everybody is not anybody. You need to address you clients according to their personal characteristics and you should be able to address uniquely each client, according to his/her problem. The how and why is part of the mythical “success formula” lurking in the mythology of successful business!
  4. Negligence to inform clients about the progress of their request. If a demand has been made by clients or prospects or a new trend have been formulated (previously unseen or unexpressed) you should pay notice and inform your market about your actions in relation to these demands or trends!
  5. Unnecessary overcharging and imposing hidden costs on your solutions, products, services. You should always notify and prepare your clients for any cost change and any cost involved in the purchase of your products, in a clear and concise manner!
  6. No clear communication. Incomprehensible or jargon terms in contracts, legal papers, communication, etc. is a safe way to lose clients. Your communication, as well as any legal documentation, should be expressed in a clear manner without any unnecessary terms and things may bring confusion to the clients as what and how they do something! No client wants to sign something does not understand and cannot figure out how it will cost him/her!
  7. Lack of progress in your products, solutions, etc. When your clients see not progress of your solutions according to their needs, demands, and requirements, usually they turn to a different solution (and company)
  8. Lack of Value. Your solutions should revolve around the provision of value and added value services towards the market segment you serve. A not initial value of the type that makes a reason with the specific client (as what’s in it for me) and a not value-added services in relation to your products/solutions make your clients seek alternative solutions
  9. Poorly formatted bills & invoices. Bills and invoices that are not explaining exactly the what, when and where of a transaction can create a lot of trouble to your clients (in more ways than one). Billing is an art and it should be assigned to experts. Vaguely or poorly formatted bills and invoices confuse the clients and drive them away from your company!

What do you think? Please comment and add your own reasons!